Smooth Fitness CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer

elliptical updatesSmooth Fitness CE 2.1 is discountined. Instead, we suggest you to consider either the Horizon Evolve 5 or the Diamondback 1060ef elliptical trainer.

Smooth Fitness CE 2.1 Elliptical Machine Review

In some reviews, the Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical machine is described as a "not loud" machine. We have to disagree with that - it works silently. It is equipped with the eddy current brake system which can be found only in the most expensive high-end models. If you compare this machine to the other crosstrainers at this price point, the Smooth CE 2.1 is certainly one of the best in the class. For about $1,300 it offers a 18-inch stride length, 16 resistance levels, 300-pound weight capacity, electromagnetic brakes, handgrip pulse sensors... moreover you won’t find a quieter elliptical trainer on the market. Smooth gives a lifetime warranty on the brake system. A few years ago, it has been rated as the best buy elliptical trainer in several categories by a number of professional trainers and online reviewers.

Where to buy Smooth Fitness ellipticals

The old, good Smooth Fitness has gone out of business. The brand belongs to the other maufacturer, now. It offers new elliptical series, which have nothing similar (except the name) with the old, proven crosstrainers. If you are looking to buy Smooth Fitness ellipticam trainer, rather get one of the proven and longer-lasting elliptical machines, such as: Horizon Fitness or Diamondback Fitness.

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