ProForm 490LE Elliptical Trainer

elliptical updatesThe ProForm 490LE is out of manufacture. We suggest you to consider the Horizon EX-59, instead. It is a more quality machine, sold at a lower price.

ProForm 490LE Elliptical Machine Review

The ProForm 490 LE is an older model of SpaceSaver elliptical trainers. Accordingly it is expected that it drops in the low-budget price range now, but the 490 LE still remains "too expensive". It is sold for around $1000. To be honest, an elliptical trainer coming with a 90-days warranty on parts and labor does not belong here. Maybe it is a good piece of fitness equipment, but it is also too expensive machine covered by a poor warranty.

For such amount of money rather see some of the Horizon Fitness models. If you don't need a folding option and you have enough room for your new elliptical trainer, rather spend the money buying some of the award-winning models from Sole Fitness. It is our sincere recommendation.

Where to ProForm ellipticals at Best Price

You can buy ProForm elliptical machines in almost all mass department stores. The best prices and buying conditions you'll get if order online from Amazon and Hayneedle. However, we do not recommend ProForm elliptical machines. Their quality was always quationable. Rather get one of the more respected and longer-lasting elliptical machines that will be worth the money invested, such as: Horizon Fitness or Sole Fitness.

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