Endurance Elliptical Trainers

elliptical updatesFor a long time they did not launched any new model on the market. Their models are pretty outdated, thus the prices are too high. At a similar price you'll pay for Endurance, you can buy a much better machine from the other reputed brands. We recommend you to consider the folowing:
- Diamondback Fitness
- Horizon Fitness
- Life Fitness.

Endurance Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Judging by the offered warranty, the Endurance ellipticals should be the best ellipticals on the market today. In other words, all kind of fitness equipment that come from Endurance is covered by the best warranty in the industry - A LIFETIME WARRANTY, covering every part of machine forever. This manufacturer obviously has unlimited confidence in its own equipment. Each model is tested on the floors of high traffic health clubs and subjected to the intense pounding of a commercial environment.

Endurance ellipticals have a strong, smooth and quiet motor that exceed the industry standards of home fitness equipment. If you compare the health club quality features of these machines, you'll discover the reason why the Endurance has reached the top in the home fitness industry. But, these times are over. There were a few very good Endurance elliptical models on the market. Each model was superior in its category. We've reviewed them all:

Endurance Elliptical Machine Reviews

Review Weight
endurance e4 review
Endurance E4
250lbs Stride: 14"
15 Resistance levels

endurance e5 review
Endurance E5
275lbs Stride: 16"
16 Resistance levels

endurance e7 review
Endurance E7
300lbs Stride: 18.5"
20 Resistance levels

endurance e7hrc review
Endurance E7hrc
300lbs Stride: 18.5"
20 Resistance levels


What if I still want to Buy Endurance ellipticals

You can only buy a used one. However, for a similar price you can get a much better machine by other reputable brands. It could be Sole Fitness or Horizon.

buy horizon     buy sole

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